Mas-Bangla Group is one of the largest and foremost diversified business entities in Bangladesh. Its journey started in since 2007. It has diversified into many new businesses in order to meet the needs of the stakeholders, while contributing significantly to the economy. Mas-Bangla Group developed a unique business model of creating empowered companies that enjoy the best of entrepreneurial independence and group wide synergies. This principle leads Mas-Bangla Group to becoming a powerful business portfolio and for this; we put holistic efforts with the staff that joined with us from Multi-Religious Society.

Today, the span of Mas-Bangla Group operations diversified into more than six different business areas. These include in – Human Resources Development, Builders & Holdings, Tourism, Organic Health foods, Mas-Bangla Airlines and Mas-Bangla International (Pvt. Ltd.)


Md. Zamil Hossain. Managing Director & CEO
Mas Bangla Group.


It is my immense pleasure to convey a few words to our overseas clients, partners and well-wishers in home and abroad. I would like to inform you that Mas-Bangla Overseas is a private company incorporated and registered in Bangladesh. Mas-Bangla Overseas is equipped with group of professional and knowledgeable management team and associated office staffs. The concerned officials of Mas-Bangla Overseas are highly educated and experience in manpower recruitment and export and they have proved their level of efficiency by providing quality service to its wider client base. From its early days of operation, Mas-Bangla Overseas exporting both skilled and semi-skilled manpower to Malaysia, Qatar, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Japan, EU countries and other Middle-East countries very successfully. The professional and knowledgeable office staffs (from Multi-Religious Society, especially from Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist and Christian) of Mas-Bangla Overseas are continuously providing their unfaltering attention and care to its clients and business partners. Commitment and quality services for the clients and partners are the key success factors for Mas-Bangla Overseas. As you are aware that Bangladesh is a country of opportunity for sourcing skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled Manpower for labour markets of Malaysia, Middle East, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and other developed nations who are looking for workers in some specialized labour-intensive job categories. Bangladeshi workers have already proved that they are honest, hardworking and sincere in rendering their service. They have also the ability to learn foreign language and acquire professional skills which made them attractive for the overseas employers. Mas-Bangla Overseas is very keen to recruit right person for the right position as to deliver right services by the employees for the employer. We provide the one stop service for manpower recruitment by rendering medical service, Air ticketing, Training. Mas-Bangla Overseas maintains the low migration cost to satisfy concerned countries culture and values, rules, norms etc. I would like to extend thanks and gratitude to our valued clients, partners and well-wishers for trusting us and helping us to grow with them. We are proud to be able to play role in Manpower sector. MD. ZAMIL HOSSAIN. (Managing Director & CEO) at Mas Bangla Group.

Our Foreign Partners

MR ATOMU MAEYANA, Business Partner for JAPAN

MIS ZHANG XIAOYU, Overseas Marketing Director for China & Japan

Mr Kim Young bae, Business Partner for Korea.

MERVIN TT CHAN, Chief Operating Director (COD), For Malaysia.

VASYL PARKHUTS - Chief Operating Director (COD) for UKRAINE & EUROPE.

M Group - UI, Ciotka 17, OI-445 Warszawa, Office-109, Poland

Our Employees From Multi-Religions

Advocate. Shahalom Buyan Manik -Legal Adviser

Poltu Sangma (Paul) - General Manager

Subrojit Sarker -Administrative Officer (in-charge of Europe)

Joynal Abedin - Coordinator (In-charge of Malaysia & Asia)

Dana Annesha Ritchil -Front Desk Officer

Salma -Administrator Officer (Admin)

Maoching Marma -Administrator (Passport Dept.)

Animes Kumar - Administrator Officer (Medical Dept.)

Shabuj Hossain -Administration Officer (BMET)

Md. Aminul Islam - Assistant Administrator (BMET)

Md. Imran Hossain - Computer Operator

Md. Nahid - Administrator (IT Dept.)

Ucchacs Rema -Office Security

Simon Richil - Office Security

Sumon Tanti - Head of Cook

Asaduzzaman Bablu - Company Chauffeur

Armish Chiran - Administrator (Processing Dept)

Md. Nijam Uddin -Branch Manager

Md. Alamgir Hossain -Security Officer

Rasel Hossian Nipu -Office assistant

Jahanger Hawlader -Office Assistant

Md. Ful Mia - Company Chauffeur

Sheikh Imdadul - Company Chauffeur

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